The Verse: Didn’t See That Coming

Okay, with the puns aside, last night’s mid-season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was truly amazing. They have finally built up to reveal the major set of secrets that we have been waiting on and also offered us the next step into the Marvel Universe.



Careful if you have not watched last night’s episode for as what I’m gonna say next will give a bit of the storyline away. Well, shoot if you clicked on here you saw the picture. So here we go…


If you’ve been following the show it all has been leading up to the ancient city where the Obelisk could be used to trigger something big. But also we have gotten closer and closer to know what Skye’s “destiny” really is. They have been dropping hints and speculation since the beginning but where it all went next would be a bit surprising if you weren’t paying attention.

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In the climactic meeting with Skye and her father Cal, who I’ll get to in a second, it was a lot of things revealed to her. He also gave some big drops of his own, but it was not until he was forced to leave or Skye was to shoot him that he called her by her true name. Daisy, If you are not knowing what that means he has confirmed what a few people have been thinking. Skye is really in fact Daisy Johnson aka Quake. Which makes her an Inhuman.


This is huge, because this brings another dynamic to the Marvel universe for the movies and the television show. So if Skye is Quake, that makes her father obviously Mr. Hyde. Although he has been showing those characteristics throughout the show he has yet to change into the Mr. Hyde in the comics.


With this being said, the Obelisk did not have anything to do with the infinity gems or anything galactic in nature, but it was a holder for what’s known as the Terrigen Mist, it is thing that awakens the Inhumans powers. It was seen by the distinctive blue crystals and the dusty cloud that coated Skye, Raina and Tripp. Tripp, man sorry I’m still having a few feels from that. But where does this leave us from here? And how will this tie into the announced  Inhumans Movie in 2018? I know that it seems so far away from now but time flies within the Marvel Universe.


The real mystery is the man in the main image, who is the man with no eyes? It hasn’t been confirmed but he really looks like Reader, another Inhuman. Not much is really known about Reader, but I know that we a get to see where it goes when Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns in March. But what I’m wondering is, who was he on the phone with? And what how many more of these Obliesk are out there? And you if you heard him right, he said “Tell the others…” Who are the others?


It’s a lot to digest, we here on The Block will keep you guys posted.


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