Tha Third’s Words: Para Mi Novia Jess


In your eyes I see a story.
It’s about you and me.
Once upon a time I couldn’t see.
But then I found you and I became we.
Slowly our lives became intertwined.
It happened so fast like fast forward but let me rewind.
I knew when I met you you were different.
That final piece to my puzzle I had been missing.
So I put our days on replay like a favorite song and I listen.
I was smitten.
Girl had me feeling softer than a kitten.
You could be my Bella and I’m that one vampire that glistens.
Ok maybe that wasn’t my best line.
But when I’m with you I have the best time.
And when I have a bad day you help ease my mind.
I remember as long as I have you I’ll be just fine.
In love we fell harder than a sack of bricks.
They say ignorance is bliss but I love when we kiss.
We seal our fate with locked lips.
My hands on your hips I dip you dip we dip.
I hope you see what I did there.
Excuse me for times we’d sit there.
And as you looked over and catch me stare.
As I turn away from your glare.
But moral of the story is I love you.
I hope you get the memo when I kiss and I hug you.
I’m having withdrawals feening without you.
Good night my love I’ll be dreaming about you.


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