Comic Shop On The Block: C.O.W.L. (Chigago’s Organized Workers League) #1

So, it’s been a minute since you guys have paid a visit to The Comic Shop huh? I’ve been busy reading away for you, and I’ve stumbled upon a beauty of a gem. This one is a comic published By Image Comics called C.O.W.L.


This comic takes us to an alternate universe where Superheroes were out and about, like we haven’t seen this story before, but it’s set in the Psychedelic 60’s. Honestly this is more of Watchmen meets Mad Men in this action-packed detective themed comic. So C.O.W.L. is the first Superhero Union and a place where heroes can fight crime without being hauled off to federal prison by the Government.


This issue introduces you to all of the main players, we have Blaze (Reginald Davis), Radia (Kathryn Mitchell), Arclight (Tom Hayden), Recon (Mark Reeder), John Peirce, Grant Marlow, Karl Samoski and they make up the team. You see how I put their real names, it’s because throughout the comic you will need to realize that they are real people and that their lives outside the costume are also a intricate part of the story too.


The story starts off with a bang! The team takes on a villain by the name of Skylancer and they have stopped an attempt to kill an Alderman of the city. For this story to start off so hot, the tone switch it has throughout the issue is refreshing. It hits you with so many angles of story-telling, but it all is building up to something.


Overall, this was a great comic and I can wait to go deeper into the world of the Chicago Organized Workers League.



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