The Verse: Mark Hamill Suits Up For DC Once More

So today it was announced that Mark Hamill will once again join the cast of The Flash as the villain, “The Trickster”. You see as I say again, Mr. Hamill has played this role once before and rocked the hell out of it. It’s something about Mark and playing those deranged psycho type villains. Take a look at him as The Trickster from the original 90’s show.


Hopefully in this one they’ll update the wardrobe choices. But I really applaud that about this show, it’s giving you so many connections back to the comic book world and the original 90’s run.  With the original Barry Allen playing the current Barry Allen’s father, all of the other little Easter eggs, and now this. The show has set itself up, bringing the heat with each episode.


So if you don’t know who the Trickster is from the comics,  he’s like the House to the Flash’s Batman, he’s one of the Rouge’s as well as the already introduced Captain Cold and the teased Heatwave. All of his jokes that he plays on the Flash have a deadly punchline.


But I can’t wait until they introduce his character, it hasn’t been confirmed if he’ll join after the show comes back from break or next season. But it’s going to be pretty epic when he does, they’ve already shown that the stories of each villain will be in depth and written well so I wanna see how the Trickster will take the stage.


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