Tha Third’s Words: That One Time


I see you looking. As we met each other’s eyes.
This isn’t new far from surprise.
Across the room you caught my attention.
Girl I see that body language I just want to listen.
You wave I wave back.
But now it’s time for me to face facts.
I’ve been crushing you since way back.
I think it’s time for a move I should make that.
I walk over and ask is this seat taken.
So far so good no sweat breaking.
You tell me no not at all.
But of course I’m clumsy when I sit I fall.
Of course it’s loud I’m over 6 feet tall.
My ass on the floor two feet on the wall.
Ugh just kill me please.
More embarrassing than getting rejected on bended knees.
So now I’m sitting you’re giggling.
My misfortune has you laughing as if I were tickling.
You tell me your name I tell you mine.
I want to ask you out if you don’t mind.
My heart almost sank till you said that’ll be fine.
Offer to call you a little after eight.
You simply respond don’t have me up too late.



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