IRL: Mickey Rourke Takes Down Fighter More Than Half His Age

Holy crap, you read that right. Mickey Rourke took out a 29 year old boxer in a match that he recently fought. What most people don’t know is that with all of the accolades that he has earned in his acting career, he’s also done the same thing in the squared circle. He has lived kinda a full life, and being a professional boxer has been a big part that he is proud of.


Being as much of a beast that he was in the ring with a amateur record of 12-0-0 and a pro record of 6-0-2 really gives me a new perspective as why he was chosen to play Marv in Sin City. But he’s has played many a roles in his time too. Be it Whiplash in Ironman 2, Tool from The Expendables  or Ram from The Wrestler he’s given us a wide range of what he can do, but he’s always been a bulky dude from what I’ve seen, not fat but built, like ripped.


He’s always been a strong old guy but to see him like this slimmed down to get back in that Flyweight division he looks good to be 62 years old. That’s right 62, he’s still got all of his marbles and everything. He’s been training out of Moscow Russia and has really shown me what an old dog can do. I don’t think he needs any new tricks, he’s got it all handled. But for the fight he just won, he was up against a former California Golden Gloves Champ Elliot Seymour. The kid has skills but I don’t think he was ready for what happened. So it was pretty even and going anybody’s way in the first round, with the two exchanging blows and scoring points. But it was the second round where Mickey picked up his power and pace. He was way more aggressive and charging in forward, he knocked the wind out of Seymour and the ref gave him some time. But after that Mickey went right back on him, and once he went down again the ref called it by TKO to Mickey.


Here is the end of the fight to show you what skills Mickey still has.



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