GamerTag: Sony To Give Refund For False Claims

This week Sony has reached an agreement with the Federal Trade commission for the misleading claims that they made in the name of advertising for the Playstation Vita. If you remember back when the Vita was first announced it was claimed that you would have smooth transitional play between your Playstation 3 and the handheld device, where you could pause a game on your TV and pick it right back up with no problem. But we now have come to find that feature isn’t compatible with all the games that were out there, only a selected few. This along with the claim that the Vita would be able to play online multiplayer games with 3G connection were a big draw when first announced at E3 and advertised on TV.


With these claims it made it a great product and a must-have on the list of many gamers. But it’s sorely not lived up to the hype, I myself wanted a Vita for all that you had the capability to do, I was not even swayed that I had to add it to my phone bill. But once I heard some later reviews and got to play around with it through my friends who purchased one when it first came out. With the quality of the games and the library of games to choose from in stores and digital, with the other features not working as claimed I didn’t feel as it would be something I would use everyday. I wanted that experience of being immersed within my games, I love Sony and the games they make and this would’ve made it so much better as a gamer to leave my house and still have my games with me without starting over. Jessica Rich, the Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau Consumer Protection had to say “As we enter the year’s biggest shopping period, companies need to be reminded that if they make product promises to consumers — as Sony did with the ‘game changing’ features of its PS Vita — they must deliver on those pledges,”



If you were an early adopter to the PS Vita and purchased yours prior to June 1st 2012 you will be apart of this settlement that they have reached. You should be getting an email that you have two options of $25 cash refund or $50 worth of credit in the Playstation Store towards selected games or services. So this shows that Sony is willing to make good on what they were not able to give. Also they have been barred from making more claims and also having their employees plug the handheld on social media and other forms of advertisement of these special features that aren’t proven to be universal.

So tell me what you guys think…



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