Tha Third’s Words: Don’t Shoot!



DON’T shoot I won’t fight back.
Don’t shoot my skin is just black.
Don’t shoot I’m not that bad.
Please don’t destroy this life that I have.
Take me away from my mom and my dad.
End my life and the short time that we had.
I can see it in your eyes as you gaze at my figure.
But I promise I’m more than just a nigger.
Don’t shoot my hands up in the air.
Silly of me to think I could walk without care.
Yeah where I’m from might be a little filthy.
But I see my verdict in your eyes I’m already guilty.
Don’t shoot but you won’t listen.
All you hear is another nigga fit the description.
Probably just a pill popper with a stolen prescription.
Fuck him if he’s gone who’d really miss him.
He walking really fast must of had bad intentions.
Hands in the air don’t put em down.
Spread your legs now get down on the ground.
I’m gonna only tell you once stop fuckin around.
I’ll have your 10 toes point up like you were Mike brown.
Are you telling me my life is worthless.
And if you squeeze I had to deserve.
1 shot now I’m running.
2 shots your gunning.
3 shots and I’m stumbling.
4 shots as blood drops constantly tumbling.
Silence as I lay down in the street.
Cradling the ground as I get ready to sleep.
As my life flashes one last time before my eyes.
He shot but that’s no surprise.


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