The Verse: Is Constantine On The Chopping Block?

Well, during the last day of production the cast of NBC’s Constantine was told that they will be getting the greenlight for only 13 episodes. The supernatural show has had a slow start, but has been making great headway with ratings and winning an audience for it’s late start. This does not mean that the show is cancelled, it only means that it will be put up for consideration of a Season 2 pending how the remainding 8 episodes of this season goes.


We’ve seen this from a lot of superhero shows from NBC; does anyone remember The Hood? Don’t worry I’ll wait… but seriously this is good. If they did not like the show it would have gone the way of “Selfie” and the other cancelled Freshman shows in this class. It has some stiff competition between Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Flash, Arrow, Walking Dead, Gracepoint, How To Get Away With Murder, and its own brethren show on Friday Grimm, my DVR is packed to the brim. It is a tough season out there this time, people are bringing the heat and holding no punches. You have to do a lot to not be skimmed over and Constantine has survived each week. The numbers have grown and with the other shows going on Season’s hiatus, I feel the late start has worked in its favor. The viewers will need to get their fix and will see what all the hubbub is about on NBC’s Friday lineup.

Constantine - Season Pilot

I have good faith that it will return for a new season, but I know there are still some tweaks they need to make to get the eyes NBC craves so much. We shall see the fate of our new favorite supernatural detective. If you have not watched it yourself I urge you to catch up; you’ll thank me later.


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