Block Mangafesto: Berserk

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently. Been busy with work and life in general. So here’s my next one!

Berserk 1

Berserk is a long running dark fantasy manga by Kentaro Miura. During his college years, the manga began as a prototype which was 48 pages long and served as an introduction to the story, plus it revealed two main characters–a one-eyed mercenary named Guts and his fairy companion Puck.

The story takes place in the country of Midland (modeled after medieval England) and follows Guts, a cynical swordsman, as he wanders the countryside in search of monsters called “Apostles.” These demonic looking things used to be human at one point but, by using a human-faced stone egg called the “Behelit” stained with their blood, they bring about an event known as the “Eclipse” and summon a group of powerful demons–the “Godhand.” In order to gain something out of their reach (say like power, the will to live, or escaping reality), the chosen “human” must sacrifice someone they love or close to them. By doing so, the sacrifice is branded and killed in the process.

Berserk 2
Guts is a branded sacrifice who managed to survive but not without losing an arm and his eye… I can’t say much else without spoiling anything, so I won’t.


The manga is known for its heavy usage of violence and nudity (Miura apparently likes to draw out scenes where someone–monster or human–is impaled in the eye) but underneath the dark overtones of the story, there are moments of light-hearted comedy. It also explores themes of isolation, questions if humankind is capable of being good or evil, and shows the best and (extremely) worst of human nature.

Currently, there are 337 chapters to date. If you like more of Kentaro Miura’s works, check out “Gigantomakhia”, “Futabi”, and “Noa”.
Here’s the link to Berserk:


Thanks for reading!


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