Suit Up!: Rep your Hoodie

What is good guys. While having fun and blogging with you Blockheads, and there’s something that I notice we all do… Wear clothes, so with that I wanted to start up thisI’m calling it Suit Up because we nerds, freaks and geeks have a certain way of style. It’s taken us decades to cultivate it and now the rest of society and fashion has caught up.


But it’s getting to look a lot like Fall, so you know what that means, it’s hoodie weather. Now with hoodies they are a crucial staple in the wardrobe for a geek. They are basically an extension of the person that wears it. Now hoodies have evolved far from what they use to be back when we were kids and your mom would put you in that itchy and hot pull-over. Or was that just me? Really, like seriously just me guys? ¬†Nevermind then, but a hoodie nowadays can make as much of a statement as the tees we wear. They come in many of styles and cuts. They can be a basic zip-up or pullover, to a tailor made elaborate hoodie that you think came straight out of a video-game or comic.


They keep us warm, and dry when it rains, but they also help us express who we are, rather it be a Hero or a Pocket Monster. You gotta rep your Hoodie! Here we will always accept you as you are, and let you be you on the block.


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